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Ozumba Mbadiwe Raises Hospitality and Tourism Standard, Unveils Kings Celia Hotels In Heart of Lagos


In his bid in setting a new standard in hospitality and tourism industry in Lagos State and Nigeria at large, former Nigerian ambassador to the Republic of Congo and a legal practitioner, Greg Ozumba Mbadiwe MFR, with the support of the other Mbadiwes, have launched a luxury hotel and tourist centre, Kings Celia Hotels and suites, in the heart of Lagos.

According to the brain behind the five-star relaxation centre, situated at 8 Jibowu Street, Yaba, Barr. Greg said the coming of the hotel was part of his desire in accomplishing his parents, especially his father’s dreams.

Speaking with The DailyBells Nigeria, the former envoy said,  “My venture into hospitality business is to make the dream of my father a reality. My late father wanted to build a hotel in our hometown before his death, but the project is still awaiting attention right now.

” Also, having partnered with some Congolese to set up a relaxation, Brassaville Beach Hotel, I felt it is important to boast the hospitality and tourism of my country too with this initiative.”

kings celia

Speaking on the importance of the Kings Celia, Mbadiwe revealed that the Yaba location is historical, stressing that it was the centre of old Lagos.

He added “My siblings and I thought of immortalising our parents in our father’s first house located at Yaba where he paticipated fully in Nigerian politics and the pedigree of this house is such was that he donated part of the house to the national party, NPN then in 1979.

“It would interest you to know that Alhaji Shehu Shagari lived in this house. I also grew up in this house. Yaba was the end of Western region then and the beginning of Lagos. We decided to reconstruct the house to a hotel and tourist centre in memory of our parents, Kingsley and Cecilia Mbadiwe and also to complement the efforts of Lagos and Nigeria for honouring our dad.”

Mbadiwe also noted that  the initiative, without doubt, will also project the values and great influence of the geographical area, mostly as a silicon valley of Nigeria and also remind visitors with various displays of national leaders and pictorial displays indicating that Yaba was part of Nigeria’s political history.

Speaking on the facilities and intending services o provide for prospective customers, the General Managing , Hassan Fawaz, a renowned hospitality business expert noted that the luxurious edifice is ready to set a new standard in the industry and the the Nigerian market with a distinct hotel experience rooted in quality, excellence and culture.


mbadiwe king celia


“Kings Celia Hotels is very unique. We plan to provide our guests with an unforgettable experiece matched by our very high standards and fully equipped facilities to even challenge those on the Island. Another attraction is the rich national cultural heritage we showcase on our walls.

“Located in two floors are 50 luxury rooms ranging from standard, deluxe, executive rooms and suites for guests. Other facilities include well designed parking space, 24-hour electricity and room service, as well as internet facility.

“For recreation, we have swimming pool, gymnasium, onsite bar and restaurant, conference room, standard event centre, among others. Also, it is situated only five minutes away from the Ozone Cinemas, and easily accessible to the business districts of Lagos such as Ikeja, Victoria Island and Lekki,” he added.



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